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Software Development

InForce Technology helps you build the right product for your business. Whether it’s a web or mobile app, we can design, build, support, and maintain it according to your business needs.

Web & Mobile Apps

Whether it’s a web or mobile app, Android or iOS, database or platform – we can design, build, support, and maintain according to your business needs.

UI/UX and Design

The UI covers clean file naming protocols, two-factor authentications, button colors - all critical elements that lead to a better user experience and decrease the chance for human error.

Database Management

If you are exploring automation options, we have developers and security architects available to automate your processes, improve business efficiency, and increase profits.

QA & Testing

Quality assurance and cybersecurity go hand in hand. But first, for a cyber security program to go live, it has to undergo quality assurance testing. Thanks to QA, users will have assurance the cybersecurity program meets standards.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing services are changing how businesses and public institutions use information technology. Today's cloud services can meet most IT needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Our range of advanced AI development services helps businesses automate their day-to-day activities and thereby overcome complex challenges.

Custom Integration

Building specialized cross-platform solutions to meet industry requirements and optimize long-term business development processes.

Training Academy

Being a great software developer means not only being fluent at the latest frameworks and programming languages, but also being aware of the big picture and understanding the entire development process.

Digital Marketing

Thanks to a wide range of tools and digital technologies we can help you promote your brand, services and products online - digital advertising, social media and SEO to name just a few great features to grow your business online.

Research & Development

Before we can start any strategizing or campaign building, we need to create a data-driven picture of your business - who your customers are, what channels they frequent, and what businesses they choose over you. The process can take a week to 10 days and will conclude in a presentation built for you.

Web Design & Development

We are here to understand your business, help develop and design a product that facilitates your business workflow and delivers an intuitively beautiful user experience that makes an impact.

Branding & Digital Strategies

A great brand strategy acts as a guiding light for the brand and all future communication. We walk you through the process of discovery, research and positioning to achieve the expected business results.

Results-Driven Digital Marketing

We help brands implement digital marketing strategies that are geared to optimize, communicate and advocate. Our strategies help brands, expand their current reach and reach new audiences. We also help develop brand stories that help connect with their customers and encourage advocacy.

iOS/MacOS Apps

The world of iOS and MacOS applications is front and center of the most of our projects. Basically, working on crafting…

QA & Testing

With even the smallest application (whatever the platform) or a web service having thousands of lines of…

UX and Design

As both the websites, desktop applications and mobile websites now offering more functionality to end users, that…

Windows Applications

With Windows being the most popular desktop (and in a close race in the tablets market) operating system in the world…

Android Applications

The world of iOS and MacOS applications is front and center of the most of our projects. Basically, working on crafting…

Database Management

Working with your website’s or your application’s backend architecture is just as important…

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Secure Code Review

With even the smallest application (whatever the platform) or a web service having thousands of lines of codes and involving hundreds of algorithms in order to work, the departments of our security experts are vital to the industry.

Over the last decade we’ve completed

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Over the last decade we’ve worked

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